Why wouldn’t you invest in the most life changing, vital and important time of your life?

🧸The average overspend, revealed in a 2019 study, by parents, was an average of £5000.

🆓️Yes NHS classes are free and sometimes you’re lucky enough for a quick tour (Trust dependant).

💷Yes private antenatal classes can be spenny, however they are an investment. In yourself as a mother and as parents, this is equipping yourself with knowledge, the saying is #KnowledgeIsPower after all.

🚫We are not dissing free courses at all.

✴️However, the information you receive from private antenatal education is different, this should be unbiased, up to date and accurate.

🌙The Wombside to Earthside🌺 programme is the most indepth in the county;
▪︎ We spend a whole module on human rights in childbirth;
▪︎ We deconstruct the “due date” myth and explore how to flip that end of pregnancy pressure into something much more positive;
▪︎ We spend a day basking in the utter wonderment that is labour, birth and how both you and your baby were designed to work together;
▪︎ We then spend the 2 final modules diving into the parts, that to be quite honest are often rushed/glossed over, the point where your child is in your arms until 6 months + later.

⭐️A holistic look at parenthood and all of it’s loveliness but also, the total shite parts, we don’t shy away from tough topics.

We would go as far as to say we believe we are the best there is… But you don’t have to believe us, read our testimonials and feedback from families who have chosen to take control of their experience and invest in the most important time of your life.

We are passionate that this module is available to everyone so we do offer payment plans, we also offer concessionary rates for some families. DM us for more information 💖

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