It’s never ‘just’ anything….

Autonomy & consent

🤨 (sweep, vaginal examinations, induction of labour)
⭐Even when said with a smile.
⭐By someone in uniform.
⭐By someone who makes you feel like they’re more invested in your child’s welfare than you.
⭐If it makes you feel weird, you haven’t had a chance to think about it, talk to your partner or been given impartial up to date evidence that explains & discusses the pro’s & con’s of what is being offered to you.
⛔If this isn’t happening, this is coercion & most certainly not informed consent. Something that all healthcare professionals should be doing with every interaction with everyone who accepts care.
💥This matters because 2/3 of parents report some aspect of their care or birth as traumatic, & in almost 70% of those parents, their trauma was as a direct result of the care they received from health professionals.
📣Birth is a human right’s issue!
Do you think birth is risky business? How does this sit with you?👇🏾
“Birth is as safe as life”
💣Risk is not something to be taken lightly, but it is yours to consider. Risk belongs to mothers & fathers, not health professionals. Ever.
Risk can & is used as an effective means of control, especially in pregnancy & birth. It is also creates fear & anxiety.
💥Risk is also another word for chance.
If this was used instead, you might view the discussion differently.
📈It’s always worth asking for figures, stats, percentages because again, being told something is going to increase your chance of this or that by 50% is fucking scary, but what if that number went from 0.1% to 0.2%.? That is a big chance of ‘it’ definitely not happening.
⚠️When is this evidence from? 1981? 2001? 2022?
⚠️Is it up to date information? Are they up to date on their evidence & information sharing?
If this has lit a 🔥 within you, are you interested in finding out more about the guidelines & evidence based care being offered to you, then come join us for 5 thought provoking & passionate weeks of all things related to your experience with two of the biggest birth nerds (in the world maybs?), we will chat, eat some delicious food & explore this & more🥳.
You know you want to😘
Sam & Kelly x 🌙🌸

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