How’s this for a shitty intro?

Depending on where you are in county, country, UK or in the world, you will get differing advice & guidance on being offered induction?

Sound like a fairy tale? It’s not though, hospital trusts follow their own policies, based on NICE guidelines. However, even within a trust different midwives will discuss & offer induction at different times.

Induction can be anything from advice about “natural methods” including eating dates, stretch & sweeps or induction at a particular time in order to “attend a birth unit” instead of labour ward.

If you are ever told you must be induced to prevent an aging placenta from any gestation, please share this research.

Dr Sara Wickham [In Your Own Time, 2021] delves into the history of pregnancies being given a sell by date, going waaaay back to 1902 & a Scottish obstetrician called Ballantyne who documented (his opinion) that some babies were born with a “wasting” condition????
(red flag) who were initially slimmer than others but perked up after a few feeds.

Then a German obstetrician Runge, went one step further several decades later, by suggesting it was due to a failing in the passing of nutrients from mother to baby thus the seed of doubt about the placenta had been planted. This is where the shit show starts in terms of “evidence”.

Dr Sophie Messager has written a whole blog on #TheMythOfTheAgingPlacenta & rightly highlights these findings from a Cochrane review [Risk of Stillbirth & Infant Death Stratified by Gestational Age] the increased chance of stillbirth at term (the main reason for induction policy) is very small, rising from about 0.1% (1:1000) @ 40-41wks, to about 0.3% (3 :1000) @ 42wks about 0.5% (5:1000) @ 43wks. This paper reported that induction before 42wks reduced the chance of perinatal death from 0.3% to 0.03%.

The amount of research within maternity services that is based on poor evidence is staggering, that teamed with that fact is can take up 20 years for solid, gold standard, myth busting evidence to be implemented in our hospitals [AIMS UK] means you can be walking into a cascade of unnecessary intervention for no reason.

Your placenta & baby are not a pumpkin.

Now this can be at any point in your journey and about anything.

Needing to talk, needing help at work, needing time off work, needing help in the home, needing to step away from drama, needing to deal with something that’s been niggling for a while.

Some people, like myself, really struggle asking for help. It feels like admitting defeat or like we’re incapable, it can make you feel really vulnerable. Nobody wants to feel that way.

✨️So what might that mean when you’re trying to conceive/struggling with early pregnancy symptoms?
Reaching out to a friend to confide in them, or trying a holistic route instead of/as well as medicalised treatment.

✨️When you’re pregnant?
Being open and honest about if you’re coping with someone you trust, this could be with your mental health, if you’re not enjoying pregnancy as you thought you might, body changes, physical effects, that you do/don’t want aspects of care.

✨️When you’re in labour?
That what’s being offered isn’t meeting your needs, that where you are isn’t the right place for you, that the people there need to leave, that you need more support/input.

✨️When you’re postpartum?
That you need to be held, that you need someone else to hold the baby, that your other child needs a play date, that your dog needs walked, that you’re nap trapped and need to go to the toilet, that the rage you feel is frightening you, that you’re having intrusive thoughts.

Sometimes just saying whatever it is going on in your mind is enough, sometimes you need additional visits by your midwife, sometimes your partner/mum/pal needs to do more or less, sometimes you need a hour + to not be responsible for watching the baby, sometimes you need to pay for additional help (cleaner/dog walker/soft play/laundrette services). For the most part it’s a short term thing, but sometimes confiding in someone else, partner/family/friend/midwife/GP is enough, sometimes more is needed.

As @katieabey says “don’t believe everything your mind tells you”

I first heard about the Brewers Diet on Leonie & Victoria’s Normal Boring Free Birth Christmas podcast and it got me thinking about our relationship with food and medications in pregnancy. During my NHS career one of the (MANY) assessments we do with those in our care at booking is make an assumption about those who might have issues with their blood pressure and recommend aspirin based on
• 1st pregnancy;
• age;
• BMI (which we know is B.S); and
• Family history, amongst other things, there was regularly a debate about the amount and it seemed to be obstetrician dependent when trying to plan this care.

Between listening to this podcast I’ve seen Billie Harrigan discuss on her socials about positive dietary impacts you can make to your pregnancy using long known remedies that have fallen out of favour fast when put against pharmaceutical medicines.

In your pregnancy with both NHS and independent care you’ll be offered blood pressure and urine checks at every appointment as standard. It’s your choice to accept or decline these routine tests, as it is worth noting that external factors can influence these results which can/will change the care plan you are on (stress, worry, what you’ve eaten or drunk prior to testing) but the healthcare professional will act on the results as they find them.

Dr Tom Brewer recommends the following daily intake in pregnancy:
• drink 800mls or more of milk
• 2 eggs
• 2 servings of fish, chicken, lean beef, lamb or pork, or any kind of cheese

• 2 daily servings of fresh, green, leafy vegetables such as mustard, collard, or turnip greens, spinach, lettuce, broccoli, or cabbage
• 5 servings of whole-wheat bread, corn tortillas, or cereal
• 1 piece of citrus fruit or a glass of orange or grapefruit juice
• 1 large green pepper, papaya, or tomato
• 3 or more pats of butter
• 5 servings of yellow-or orange-colored vegetables five times a week
• liver once a week if you like it;
• 1 whole baked potato three times a week
• all the water and fluids you need to prevent thirst; and
• all the salt you need to make your food taste good.

These are not optimum amounts, these are minimums, and you go from there.

He advises that you need 80 to 100 grams of protein every day to prevent toxemia. For vegetarians he suggests you can substitute vegetable proteins as long as they are “complete” proteins and you don’t have trouble digesting them (rice with beans, peanut butter, tofu, nuts, and seeds all provide protein.)

You can read his interview here:

Let me know your thoughts in the comments

Sam x


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There is nothing “little” about us?.

We dropped the “miss” because we fight the patriarchy whenever we can and where ever it shows up, which unfortunately happens alot in the pregnancy, birth and postpartum world ?.

This topical subject is a thread throughout The Wombside to Earthside programme because, like it or not, you will encounter it at some point and it can derail your process and journey ⛔️.

One of our missions is to shine a spotlight on this, so that you can recognise it when you’re faced with it, are prepared for it and can carry on with an experience that you feel in control of and remain feeling powerful ??.

With the knowledge that you gain and the skills you develop from our programme you will go into this feeling as bad ass as we do ?.

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Another top day discussing all things bonding, birth and the magic dance that you, your baby and your family do during labour throughout Module 3 The Birth of a Mother, The Birth of a Baby?

This is a longer session but we like to incorporate all the fun things we love, getting up and active, eating and having a laugh❤️‍?

We adore spending time getting to know what you and your family want from a birth experience and we get all the feels hearing about what your birth is going to look like?

We are here for the visualisation and manifesting ?

Do what you love and do it often ❤️

? shared with explicit consent

Module 2 of Wombside to Earthside, Standing on the Threshold ?

What if we told you that the research surrounding the length of your pregnancy varied so much in terms of what was believed to be normal that it is actually ridiculous…?

What we told you that the “accepted” length of pregnancies across the world varied by up to 4+ weeks…?

What if we told you that in a historical review of the length of pregnancies, published in 2020, that the conclusion was this “rule” created should be considered as a guideline for the expected date of confinement, and not a definite date, by the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology…?

??????? ?? ??? ????? ????? ??? ???? “???????????” ?? ???? ???? ?????????? ????? ?? ????????? ??? ????????????????

“Alexa define the word confinement…”

ℂ?????????? ?? ??? ????? ?? ????? ?????? ?? ???? ?? ? ?????? ?? ??????? ????? ????? ??? ?????? ?????.

We’ll leave that there then and hashtag our feelings.
DM for enquiries ❤️
Save, like and share as always

Sam & Kelly x

#PatriarchyMustDie #HandsOffOurBodies #OurBodiesOurChoice
#ANZJOG #DontKnowShit #WomensReproductiveHealth

?The average overspend, revealed in a 2019 study, by parents, was an average of £5000.

?️Yes NHS classes are free and sometimes you’re lucky enough for a quick tour (Trust dependant).

?Yes private antenatal classes can be spenny, however they are an investment. In yourself as a mother and as parents, this is equipping yourself with knowledge, the saying is #KnowledgeIsPower after all.

?We are not dissing free courses at all.

✴️However, the information you receive from private antenatal education is different, this should be unbiased, up to date and accurate.

?The Wombside to Earthside? programme is the most indepth in the county;
▪︎ We spend a whole module on human rights in childbirth;
▪︎ We deconstruct the “due date” myth and explore how to flip that end of pregnancy pressure into something much more positive;
▪︎ We spend a day basking in the utter wonderment that is labour, birth and how both you and your baby were designed to work together;
▪︎ We then spend the 2 final modules diving into the parts, that to be quite honest are often rushed/glossed over, the point where your child is in your arms until 6 months + later.

⭐️A holistic look at parenthood and all of it’s loveliness but also, the total shite parts, we don’t shy away from tough topics.

We would go as far as to say we believe we are the best there is… But you don’t have to believe us, read our testimonials and feedback from families who have chosen to take control of their experience and invest in the most important time of your life.

We are passionate that this module is available to everyone so we do offer payment plans, we also offer concessionary rates for some families. DM us for more information ?

#PositiveBirthing #PregnancyUK #KnowledgeIsPower #TMAL #TheMoonAndLotus #BirthNerds #GuardiansOfPhysiology #ProtectBiology #Oxytocin #Birth #BirthBelongsToWomen #TrustBirth #HormonalMatrix #BirthPower #ReclaimBirth #FourthTrimester #MothersAndBabies #NewParent #NewDad #HolisticBusinessOwners

Lovely mama-to-be and mamas, temperatures are on the rise every year, summers are tough when you have babies on board on babes in arms.

In addition to checking in on your elderly family, friends and neighbours we thought we’d do a little check list for yourself ❤️

??In pregnancy it is common for women to experience skin changes, whereby exposure to the sun can create darker patches due to hormonal changes and an increase in pigmentation and sensitivity

? Try to avoid direct sun exposure between 11:00 – 15:00

? Water and lots of it. Fill the freezer with ice lollies, freeze slices of watermelon or add fruit to ice water

? Eat fresh cold raw fruit & veg, water rich food (watermelon, cucumber, oranges, grapes)

? Prep your evening meal at lunch to fight late day fatigue. (Salads, cold meats, quiches, beans)

? Don’t forget about sun cream and then reapplying it regularly.

? A basin of cold water and ice cubes for your feet and a massive hat to protect your head and shoulders

?Natural fibres in your clothing, keep it loose and baggy (cotton and linen)

? Nap, nap, nap. Even if you can’t sleep, lying down, naked, with a damp towel or tea towel over your breasts and/or bump can be jis5 the thing. Now is the perfect time to start focussing on your breathing techniques

??Legs up to assist with keeping fluid retention to a minimum

? If you haven’t already invested in a fan, plug in or hand fans can be a full on life saver! You can get some hand fans with a mister included in the pound shops. Plug ins don’t have to break the bank, keeping your curtains pulled during the day and then windows open at night with a desk fan helping to circulate the air can make all the difference

? Another top tip is to look out for cooling mats for pets, the smaller ones can fit inside your pillow case to keep your head and neck cool and the larger ones can be put under your fitted sheet to keep your body cooler at night.

Of course we wouldn’t leave out you beautiful mamas and your babies❤️

??‍?Babies aren’t able to regulate their own body temperature so the aim is to keep your baby from overheating and staying hydrated in warmer weather. So here are our top tips to keep your baby cool in this hot weather

? Babies (6 months and under) and young children ideally should be kept out of direct sunlight as much as possible, especially between 11:00 – 15:00

?? Breastfed babies may need extra feeds in the hot weather. Fully breastfed babies do not need any water until they’ve started eating solid foods

?You can offer bottle fed babies a little cool boiled water in addition to their milk feeds. If your baby wakes at night, they’ll probably want milk. If they have had their usual milk feeds, try cooled boiled water as well

?? If you are weaning your baby you can offer sips of water

? You could sit with your baby in a shallow paddling pool to keep them cool or run them a cool bath before bedtime

? Keep your baby’s/your bedroom cool during the day by closing blinds or curtains, then opening the window at night

?Dress your baby in loose, lightweight, cotton clothing or even just a nappy if it is very hot

The @lullabytrust offer the following information about pram covers

? When you’re out and about in this lovely weather it’s important to keep your baby cool and out of direct sun. Stay in the shade as much as possible

⛔️ Do not cover your baby’s pram with blankets or cloths as this could cause your baby to become too hot. Instead, use a parasol or shade to protect your baby from the sun, but make sure that air can circulate and you are still able to see your baby and monitor their temperature

? If you’re worried your baby is getting too hot, check their temperature by feeling their chest or back of their neck, if their skin feels clammy, this is a sign they are getting too hot

?Unfortunately we cannot comment on individual products. We encourage parents to check that any product they use has passed the necessary safety check and contact the manufacturer directly with any questions

❤️ Sam & Kelly x

Our 1st full day workshop on labour and birth??.

We are two reeeeedonkulously passionate birth nerds, talking about the wonderment of the hormones, chemistry, biology, physiology and the downright excellence of this precious period and how to protect it from outside influences.

We didn’t just talk for the full day??, we ate scrummy food and then put the theory into action, practising techniques that you can have in your labour/birth tool kit, because we know people learn in all different ways, so we want to incorporate these into our programme.

If this is your jam, get in touch to reserve your spot for October / November⭐️

? shared with explicit consent ❤️

#PositiveBirthing #PregnancyUK #KnowledgeIsPower #TMAL #TheMoonAndLotus #BirthNerds #GuardiansOfPhysiology #ProtectBiology #Oxytocin #Birth #BirthBelongsToWomen #TrustBirth #HormonalMatrix #BirthPower #ReclaimBirth #FourthTrimester #MothersAndBabies #NewParent #NewDad #Rebozo #HolisticBusinessOwners