Can I talk about asking for help…?

Now this can be at any point in your journey and about anything.

Needing to talk, needing help at work, needing time off work, needing help in the home, needing to step away from drama, needing to deal with something that’s been niggling for a while.

Some people, like myself, really struggle asking for help. It feels like admitting defeat or like we’re incapable, it can make you feel really vulnerable. Nobody wants to feel that way.

✨️So what might that mean when you’re trying to conceive/struggling with early pregnancy symptoms?
Reaching out to a friend to confide in them, or trying a holistic route instead of/as well as medicalised treatment.

✨️When you’re pregnant?
Being open and honest about if you’re coping with someone you trust, this could be with your mental health, if you’re not enjoying pregnancy as you thought you might, body changes, physical effects, that you do/don’t want aspects of care.

✨️When you’re in labour?
That what’s being offered isn’t meeting your needs, that where you are isn’t the right place for you, that the people there need to leave, that you need more support/input.

✨️When you’re postpartum?
That you need to be held, that you need someone else to hold the baby, that your other child needs a play date, that your dog needs walked, that you’re nap trapped and need to go to the toilet, that the rage you feel is frightening you, that you’re having intrusive thoughts.

Sometimes just saying whatever it is going on in your mind is enough, sometimes you need additional visits by your midwife, sometimes your partner/mum/pal needs to do more or less, sometimes you need a hour + to not be responsible for watching the baby, sometimes you need to pay for additional help (cleaner/dog walker/soft play/laundrette services). For the most part it’s a short term thing, but sometimes confiding in someone else, partner/family/friend/midwife/GP is enough, sometimes more is needed.

As @katieabey says “don’t believe everything your mind tells you”

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