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Breastfeeding Homework A+

When you smash your homework A⭐️ all round We fecking love it when our buzz spreads to those we’re working with and they put in all the work between modules?. When you’re first time parents and we’re talking about your body and using it for something women before you have done for a millennia, sometimes […]

The Rhombus of Michaelis

  This is why we advocate hard for freedom of movement in labour and birth ❤️‍? Look at what you were designed to do in order to give your baby more room to perform that magical dance with your body and work through the pelvis ? This is just glorious ?? Via • @evarosebirth We […]

Have you been offered induction because of your due date?

How’s this for a shitty intro? Depending on where you are in county, country, UK or in the world, you will get differing advice & guidance on being offered induction? Sound like a fairy tale? It’s not though, hospital trusts follow their own policies, based on NICE guidelines. However, even within a trust different midwives […]

Can I talk about asking for help…?

Now this can be at any point in your journey and about anything. Needing to talk, needing help at work, needing time off work, needing help in the home, needing to step away from drama, needing to deal with something that’s been niggling for a while. Some people, like myself, really struggle asking for help. […]

Have you heard of the Brewer’s Diet?

I first heard about the Brewers Diet on Leonie & Victoria’s Normal Boring Free Birth Christmas podcast and it got me thinking about our relationship with food and medications in pregnancy. During my NHS career one of the (MANY) assessments we do with those in our care at booking is make an assumption about those […]

Privacy Statement

  Privacy Statement I take safeguarding online privacy seriously. Please read the whole of this statement carefully as it sets out what information I may collect from you, how I may use it and your rights in respect of my use and the key details of my privacy policy. From time to time, I may […]

We are self proclaimed “little” bad ass birth nerds

There is nothing “little” about us😘. We dropped the “miss” because we fight the patriarchy whenever we can and where ever it shows up, which unfortunately happens alot in the pregnancy, birth and postpartum world 🌎. This topical subject is a thread throughout The Wombside to Earthside programme because, like it or not, you will […]

Do what you love and do it often

Another top day discussing all things bonding, birth and the magic dance that you, your baby and your family do during labour throughout Module 3 The Birth of a Mother, The Birth of a Baby💞 This is a longer session but we like to incorporate all the fun things we love, getting up and active, […]


Module 2 of Wombside to Earthside, Standing on the Threshold 💖 What if we told you that the research surrounding the length of your pregnancy varied so much in terms of what was believed to be normal that it is actually ridiculous…? What we told you that the “accepted” length of pregnancies across the world […]