Are we your cup of tea..?

This programme is not a standard antenatal course, however we might be your cup of tea if: ⁣

☼ You are planning to achieve a physiological birth. ⁣
☼ You would like to learn a range of practical and mindset techniques to support you in your goals, with learning taking place alongside your partner so you can work as a connected team on birthing day and beyond. ⁣
☼ You’d like to know more about both the choices and challenges of navigating modern maternity care so you can ensure your care is meeting the needs of you and your family (and what to do if it’s not!). ⁣
☼ You’re curious about how to optimise your body’s incredible innate ability to give birth to your baby. ⁣
☼ You are keen to know about the biological norms of newborn life, and learn ways to tap in to your parenting wisdom to thrive during this precious experience. ⁣
☼ You are open to exploring how cultural narratives and stories impact your views of birth and parenting. ⁣
☼ You’re curious as to why so many are dissatisfied or traumatised following their birth experiences and want to choose a different story for yourself. ⁣
☼ You recognise yourself as a capable decision maker, able to discern what’s right for you, your baby and your family, and wish to cultivate that inner knowing. ⁣
☼ You are committed to taking responsibility and putting in the work to achieve the birth and parenting experience you’re hoping for, and to continuing the techniques you will learn beyond the programme. ⁣

A white cup of tea, on a white wooden floor with blue text asking 'are we your cup of tea?'

Not everyone likes tea, and that’s ok, but you should know what you’re signing up for. and investing in…

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